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I enjoy helping and teaching my clients about basic touch-up. Below are the products I highly reccommend to address most customers immediate needs. Please note the links below are amazon affiliate links and help support our family owned and operated business. 

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Ashley Spurlock Holder


I use Sprayway for onsite cleaning. Be sure to test in a hidden area before applying to the whole unit. You can also use a cup of warm water and 1 drop of dish soap for the mildest cleaner. 

You can purchase here for a 4-Pack:


Microfiber cloths help to not mar the finish while removing fingerprints or other debris. Great to use with Sprayway, Gaurdsman Polish or warm water.

You can purchase here:


Guardsman Polish is always in my supply box. It adds a little luster to most furniture. If you have previously use silicon or wax based polishes on your furniture, I would recommend a deep cleaning before using this product. 

You can purchase it here:


Brush Tip Markers are great for layer color to a repair or adding grain color to break of solid color of a repair. 

You can purchase them here:

Screenshot 2022-05-05 155007.png

Individual Brush Tip Markers - Incase you just want one color. Great for fine scratches. 

You can purchase them here:

Screenshot 2022-04-21 131041.png

Pro-Mark markers -  Excellent for most edges.

Please purchase them here:


Fil-Stiks are great for mill-work and cabinetry. You can use it on furniture but applications are limited. 

Please purchase them here:


For advanced touch-up technicians only. Butane hot knife with sliding button to adjust temperature. Would advice electric hot knife over this one. 

Please purchase it here:

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